Welcome to the Realtime Mesh Component

Designed to enable rendering of realtime created, user loaded, runtime modified, and any other type of mesh not possible to package into your project! Scalable from simple mesh loading, up to full voxel terrain worlds and everything in between.

Faster and more memory efficient than ProceduralMeshComponent, and DynamicMeshComponent, with coming support for rendering UDynamicMesh to be a full replacement to DynamicMeshComponent while keeping Geometry Scripting tools.

Core Features

  • Full Collision Support, both static triangle mesh and dynamic moving objects
  • Variable mesh formats, allowing for tradeoff in needed features and memory/performance overhead
  • Up to 8 Texture Coordinate (UV) channels
  • Normal or High precision Texture Coordinate (UV) channels
  • Normal or High precision texture coordinates, supports engine feature for high precision normals
  • LOD Support, allowing engine maximum of 8 LOD levels and full dithering support
  • Full NavMesh support
  • Async collision updates. As collision can be slow to update, the RMC can offload it from the game thread.
  • StaticMesh conversion in game and editor, as well as conversion to/from ProceduralMesh/DynamicMesh